25 Dicembre 2014

Fortifying TripAdvisor against Reputation-System Attacks

DCS Accademic Paper by University of Reggio Calabria from F.Buccafurri, S.Nicolazzo, A.Nocera , G.Lax Proc. of World Congress on Internet Security (WorldCIS-2014), London, UK, Dec. 8–10, 2014.

The reputation model of TripAdvisor suffers from several drawbacks making the system vulnerable to users’ misbehavior. This results in a significative loss of credibility of the system and possible legal disputes. In this paper, we propose an approach to address the above problem which does not imply an increase in invasiveness or a reduction of usability and guarantees backward compatibility.

The approach normalizes scores given by reviewers on the basis of their estimated trustworthiness.

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25 Dicembre 2014